5 best practices in Inbound Marketing for real estate agents

You will not become an efficient agent of real estate if you’re still doing the same thing 20 years ago.

There are many agents and developers believe they can win much in real estate spending little effort prospects randomly redial.

The new digital marketing is growing because there are irreversible trends among consumers. Can you imagine any buyer or investor who does not see Google before calling you?

You must look beyond and systematize different actions online to improve the operation of your business, reduce investment in traditional marketing and develop a new business model.

This platform allows you to increase the quality of the segmentation of your visits and will show you its effectiveness for increasing rates of conversion as a strategy of selling real estate.

If you know who contact and message, you have insured increase sales!

The lists of contacts will help you reach your audience according to your geographical preferences, their investment capacity and its claims.

In real estate marketing, organizing databases on the basis of the experiences will allow you to make automated email marketing campaigns that deliver specific content for each audience

What really works
Over the past two years we have learned to identify the 5 best practices in real estate marketing.

1 generate unique content and have a platform that you visibility: all your competitors are hunting customers. If replicas the same content as other real estate agents you won’t get even traffic. Having a blog, a web page optimized and a marketing tool automates, it will give you the impact that your business needs on Google.

2. attract visitors with content about lifestyle: you must have contained useful and entertaining. Lists of hints and tips should be associated with concepts as creative as utilitarian. Just as well build an active community that relies on your company to find a property to live or as an investment.

3 your content associated with the searches in Google. You take control of the most searched keywords will allow you to do a selective real estate digital marketing. Defined to the “buyer persona” that you want to conquer and then look for your original content is integrated to the maximum with those words. Google will favor your presence and will allow you to grow in a natural way, without excessive investment in digital advertising.

4. We also need to make Inbound Selling: don’t expect the content, itself only, make the miracle of sell. All Inbound Marketing actions must be accompanied with tactics that connect directly to your leads with sellers. Team business must know in which stage of the “sales funnel” is every prospect for when they contact you provide you specific details.

5. be more efficient to convert: not just to content and increase the traffic to one or more landing pages. You must convert prospects into qualified leads and then into actual customers. You can try it only if you can connect to your computer marketing and sales.

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