Management of Municipal Real Estate Property

Municipality possess very much real estate. From research and in practice, managing and exploiting that municipal real estate especially representing technical operational management and maintenance and not much more than that. Of financial management, account management, risk management or simply put: real estate management is not or hardly any. For a long time there were […]

Entrust us with your property rental management

Rent your property without constraints? For your peace of mind and better rental profitability optimization, discharge of binding and complex aspects of the rental management of your property. Our management missions Effectively manage the leasing of property involves an important panel of expertise and the establishment of a relationship of trust with the partners and […]

Why Intellectual Property Management is Important

                    Your very own business is more dependent on rational property a lot more. Every each business offers a reason – like to help to make money from a product or services that they feature. Generally, it is sort of a very useful knowledge.¬†Of program, your […]