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The purchase of an insurance policy is a real contract to ensure anything of value: the higher the value of the property to be insured and the risk of losing it, the higher the cost of the policy. As with any major purchase, even the insurance policy on the house, before you take out a policy, it should be well screened and then the budget is important for a fair assessment.

The first important thing to know is that the quote is free and without obligation. Most estimates are also downloadable online with just a few clicks.

How to calculate the estimate
The easiest way to calculate an estimate is online. Simply choose one of several insurance companies in the sector and to calculate for itself the budget, instantly.

Most require little time and few essential information for the calculation of the cost of insurance on the house.

The main information required shall:

– Applicant’s details such as marital status (married, single, divorced) and the location of residence and possibly the location where the dwelling is located to ensure if this does not coincide with the residence (vacation home, second home, chalet …) ;

– Insurance effect, ie from which day you want to activate the policy;

– Characteristics of the house to be insured (square meters, year of construction, land type …);

– What you want to ensure (only the house, its contents, pets …);

– Select the guarantees (theft, fire, theft, natural disasters …);

– Indicate the ceilings.

Once the data is entered, you get the price of the policy. The quote can be recalculated several times and according to the addition or subtraction of collateral, until you get the right balance that was sought. Care must be taken because they are often indicative and certainly not definitive if you have not registered as users consulted in the agency’s website.

How to block a quote
Whether ye should go in person or agency that you request online, the estimate has a franchise time explicitly expressed and indicated in the margin (by a minimum of 24 hours up to three months). If so, the decision to activate the policy falls within the agreed or appointed time, the budget is “locked.” Some online agencies to affiliate the potential customer offer discounts for those who register and block it to the best possible conditions. Once registered as a user, it is sent by e-mail or displayed on the screen in a “print”.

A quote for home insurance chosen, defined and locked in total autonomy is a guarantee of a product selected from themselves and cut to size, but the first important thing to check is that there is attached to each contract and estimate the prospectus (or leaflet) with all the clauses relating to the type of contract selected.

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