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When it comes to get rid of troublesome pests home, we could resort to all kinds of chemical products. However, at the time of thinking and evaluating the health and well-being of our family, the best is to prevent. Keep flying and crawling insects at Bay doesn’t have to do only with poisons. Here you say how to do so and thereby eradicate this common problem in our homes from the root

Home maintenance: pest prevention

Within the home maintenance is common that chemical spraying are carried out or mechanical devices to be installed anti-plagas.

However, in houses where there are no habits for preventing these practices are inefficient, either should become too aggressive and risky to achieve its effect.

The use of chemicals, even when they are of very low toxicity and are authorized for home use, can pose a risk to children and pets and contaminate food.

Here are the key – by 7 basis points – to keep these little invaders without endangering your family and avoiding the most employment of little beneficial substances for human health and the environment:

1. If you have garden, cut the grass regularly and constantly removes weeds.
2 get rid of any residue food or organic waste as soon as. For example, do not leave dirty dishes for long periods.
3 saves fresh or perishable food in the refrigerator and well sealed all containers and refractory.
4 fixes any leak of water promptly and don’t let the accumulated water in buckets or containers, especially if you are outdoors.
5 asea regularly to your pet and the areas where it used to be, using products and accessories to keep them free of parasites and vermin.
6 sealing any access point or accommodation for insects in your home: use silicone, grids or mesh as appropriate (cracks, pipes, drains, ducts, doors, cracks, etc.)
7 vacuuming so regular furniture, curtains and carpets.

With these simple steps you can minimize the occurrence of pests and reduce the economic, environmental and cost family health having to fight them.

And when you use insecticides, pesticides or pesticides, we suggest you consult a professional to achieve better results, as well as care for the well-being of your family and the environment.

Anti-plagas home maintenance does not have to be expensive or risky.

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