How to find a cheap apartment

Have dramatically increased the rents. Because more and more people in the cities, but too little was built, the living room is now running out. Particularly smaller apartments in the area, which are also suitable for singles, go away like warm bread.

But even if the pavement is expensive and for apartment visits long queues formed, you can find a cheap apartment.

1 compromise
Top location, 100 square meters, renovated old building, large bathroom, large kitchen and all at a bargain price. That will be difficult. Think about what is worth more to you: the good transport links or extra room. If it be the balcony, maybe you waive in return bath or kitchen. Many tenants fail to their exaggerated expectations: because every convenience, which is designed to provide the new apartment, leads inevitably to a higher rent.

2. prepared to visit
Make it in advance thoughts, what criteria sets the broker. It’s not always about the content. “It is very, very annoying, when prospective customers to visit to the apartment does not appear”, for example, says that anyone has with me later no chance more on a lease. And even with application folders on it’s according to not exaggerate: some arrive with whole books. Time I don’t have to work through it all.

Less is more. Nevertheless you should have the relevant documents (information or confirmation of noted freedom by the previous owner). Who does not have a generous income such as apprentices or students, should have someone who vouches for him. Because as soon as the rent devours more than half of the content, increases the risk for the lessor.

3. explore neighborhoods, which are only in the
Learn more about the housing market: sometimes, even the margins between individual streets are enormous. So you can find further, but still something cheap in the favorite neighborhood often only two roads. You will find here a detailed, itemized according to streets rent prices. Or you are looking for the same in a different area: maybe it does instead of the hip is also one of the neighbouring districts of wedding or the exterior. Almost every city has district, which are located close to the Centre, but still not expensive.

4. pull on the outskirts
The housing shortage is a completely urban phenomenon on the flat land and already in the city outskirts, it looks completely different. Often it takes longer with and to ride commuter trains from the outskirts to the city to work, to come within the city centre from A to B. Who has it like something quieter and greener, the outskirts of the town is therefore a good – and above all cheap – alternative. And despite the quiet location, the city is only a stone’s throw away.

5. place on mouth-to mouth
Finding accommodation, there’s only a hint: talk, talk and talk again. You must tell God and the world, that you are looking for an apartment. Studies would show that most of the apartments will fed do not in the housing market but go away under the hand. Anyone knows someone who knows someone guaranteed… It is still new in town, might help the Bulletin Board at school or in the Community Centre. It will succeed only if as many as possible know that you are looking.

6. offer your old apartment to Exchange
This is an option: Home Exchange. Scarcity makes famously inventive. That was already in the former GDR so. Many urbanites want to separate first from her old home, once they’ve found something new. Many people do not move into the city, but want only a bigger or smaller or otherwise located apartment. A home Exchange is ideal here. Because maybe someone else looking for precisely that what you have to offer.

7. rent storage space to
If the apartment is too small and the cellar is missing, there is workaround now in many cities. Often is the possibility to rent additional storage space – from a storage area of one square meter for a shorter period of time or even permanently. Other than in traditional warehouses one comes at the “self-storage” often around the clock on his seven things. If there is an appropriate option for you.

8. in a shared apartment
An alternative to their own home is looking for a shared flat. One is long no residential form more, which is reserved for students only. Many singles already standing with both feet on the professional life, have discovered living together. A shared apartment is always a good alternative. In the best case, an enrichment for all purpose community becomes rent savings.

9 membership of cooperatives
Apartments of cooperatives are located high in the course. They are affordable and are often located in sought-after neighborhoods. It is always a good option to sit on the waiting lists for cooperatives or cooperative housing on-site. As the profits earned by the cooperative are reinvested in the preservation of the building fabric, are the homes usually well shot. Co-operatives are a good alternative. However, the waiting time would be sometimes several years. No option for immediately so, however the next apartment search is determined.

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