Organization Tips to Make Moving Easier

-First of all, takes the opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need or that do not already serve. Pulled or gives, you don’t take it, it does not if you upload this so in the new home you seek a corner where you out of the way and return it to forget, we have to be practical to make a better use of the space. As you go through all areas of the House while you empacas, view checking that you get and that is.

-Buy before boxes, paper and plastic bubble wrap, tape, note paper and markers, and gets newspapers. Everything you need so you don’t have to stop once you’ve decided to work on your move…

-Begins to pack in advance the things that you use less and view leaving for the latter the more use. Pack Christmas things, special guest dishes, all things baking cakes, books that you don’t need. See working areas, each box must contain things belonging to a place, do not mix, so when moving to the new place all that belong to an area you can go together because in these cases there will be no things of another area.

-Mark the boxes that take you to pack the stuff of every place with a letter that means that room or place House and then the consecutive number of all cases that come out of that room in particular, this brand must be visible on all sides of the box to locate it from any angle. Decide which letter put you into the main room, which the of each of the children and other members of the family, which the office, sewing or washing room, kitchen, etc. As an example, if you decide that the main room will be the letter “A”, this place boxes should be labeled as A1, A2, A3, etc. Also mark the door or somewhere in that area your letter with a large role, all which help you pack, know how should label boxes.

-Make a list of the contents of each box scoring the consecutive number of the box and the letter of the room to which you belong. He included a copy in the box and saves an apart on a folder or folder. So if you need anything, you know where to look.

-Also marks the rooms of the new place, with a large letter at the door that matches the letters as you marked them in your previous home. That is, if you put the letter “C” for the new room of Juanito, all boxes with things that Juanito will be that same letter. That way, people who are in charge of the service, take all the boxes marked with the letter “C” directly to the room is marked with that letter on the door, and so it will be much easier to unpack and you will have much more order when those of moving to withdraw, even if things are not kept in place. You will know where everything is located.

-Ask the service to place you first furniture and boxes, because thus furniture spaces will be first as you want them to be, so you will not have to move then, and spaces that are free, will be to stack boxes of that room in order.

-Have to hand a basic set of tools the moving day for anything you could need, because it is missing when you are already in the rush because they are carried everything, you realize account that you do not desatornillaste any shelf and no longer have anything to work. You win the tool with you in your car until it has been everything.

-If you have small children, organize that someone look after them you that day, will be easier to concentrate only on the move, and planned purchases so that they can prepare some sandwiches or cakes and have cheese and some refreshment, to get by that day.

-Leaves things most necessary to pack them in at the last moment, mark the box as important and if possible take it with you. The things bath, clothing sleepwear, linens and blankets, what you will need that same night and for breakfast the next day. Mark the box and leave it at your fingertips.

-The first step is to unpack the most important areas of the things that are most used. See opening and placing instead, bringing the newspaper for garbage and folding boxes to go recover space.

-Books books are faster to accommodate and take up much space saved in boxes, if you have circulation problems, placed first to remove the boxes and you can accommodate them better then more calmly.

-Possible view by placing things in the place you want to stay to not work twice, studied previously the spaces of the new home, to decide where guards things bake, where pots and dishes, if I have referred, the task will be faster and no longer have to do the work.

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