The land as an investment?

At the latest since the recent financial and economic crisis investors are wondering whether the purchase of land not as particularly solid forms of investment can be preferred. In fact, real estate is among the popular form of investment has always been. But whether a plot actually has a value, which is hoping a buyer, so without further ADO not to look at land a piece.

Plot – timeless investment

Who wants to buy the land primarily as an investment, a number of factors play an important role. These include among others a good location, a particularly trendy residential area, the size and the nature of the land.Aspects to the payback, such as revenue from future rentals, should find adequate attention before buying a plot of land and incorporated into the investment considerations in a plot of land as an investment.

Plot – immaterial value is the exception

In some cases, a plot of land also only has a sentimental value. Is it because land was inherited within families from generation to generation, or because the owners for other reasons would not separate from the plot. In case the actual value in euro plays a minor role and also the question of whether Brach – or land, is not of great interest. In all other cases are, however, very important positions. With the purchase of a plot of land, in addition control, visibility and negotiating skills should play a role. So the pieces can withstand dreamland expectations of future owners and not additionally incurred costs previously not expected.

Plot – variety of facts declare the value

  • Location, size, and texture
    Location, size, and texture are among the facts that determine the value of a property. You should be knocked off thoroughly before buying. What is the most beautiful wasteland at the end of the world if it can serve to grazing for cows or sunbathing. Reason and soil, which is intended as an investment, should be demonstrably buildable land, in a habitable and good residential area and have access to the infrastructure.
  • Ground investigation
    A study of the Bodnbeschaffenheit in regard to possible contamination and environmental pollution should be mandatory. Otherwise threaten huge costs for disposal at proven contamination.
  • Control Lastenfreiheit
    Buyers of land should verify whether the ground is actually free of public loads about the taxes and fees from providers. Clarified are should details the way rights and rights to future neighbors. Also possible mortgages and charges including the associated creditors must be knocked off.
  • Land purchase price
    Of course free, purchase prices can be negotiated. However the purchase price depends also on the published soil guideline value. Liens should not be higher than the purchase price, so that they can be replaced.
  • Check zoning
    The look in the building plan should be also obligatory. Just as future builders know what they must build on the plot and what plans the neighbor. This is a particularly important point for aspects of the increase in value of the land.
  • Development costs
    Who wants not to overpay in the development costs, should take the costing of the community closely.
  • Land register and land registry excerpt
    The land offers insight into the ownership as well as possible charges of real estate property buyers as a publicly accessible register in the form of a certificate of title.


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