The Start-to-Finish Guide for Moving to a New Place

Below we give you some tips to reduce the stress that causes change of House. We cannot guarantee that you will not get bored but that, at least, it will be easier.

Cleaning before a move

Do not pretend to do it all in a short time, especially if your House is large or if you’re wearing long living in it, or both. It is surprising the amount of objects that we are able to accumulate.

At least one month before making the transfer begins to get rid of everything that you will not take. Take advantage for cleaning. Be realistic: all that clothes (and shoes) that you save will not be fashionable again and, if you look closely, more secluded clothes you have to be at home that you use on a daily basis. Regala, resells or leaves in some solidarity container which is in good use.

Preparations for moving home

Before you start packing your stuff go by gathering cardboard boxes, bags of garbage, adhesive tape, scissors, bubble paper for things delicate (or newspaper, cheaper) and a couple of pens from punta gorda to mark boxes.

If you are going to make the move without the help of professionals also you will need tools to remove the furniture you want to carry.

If you get kitchen appliances, remember that you will need to defrost the refrigerator. Find an alternative to your meal place if you do not want to lose everything you have in the fridge.

Packing for a move

Start by put in boxes all that not need you for daily life: the special dishes, bedding, linen another season, figurines and decor, for example. Well mark the boxes specifying what is inside and in which room of the new House will. It will help you when it comes to unpacking.

Do not fill the boxes with heavy things or it will be impossible to move them later. Use them for things like quilts, clothing or toys.

It leaves aside the essential to live daily. Put it in a well marked boxes that will be the last to mountains in the truck. So you can quickly identify it when you get to your new home and won’t have to get to search among all packages.

The time of moving

What you really need in your new floor is that the bathroom is in use, as well as the kitchen, bed and your most basic for living things. The rest can get after if you can do it all at once.

If you hire a moving company to probably they will move all in one or two days. In this case make sure that everything is in order before you pay the last receipt.

If moving it with your friends, you will need to rent (or which you provide) a truck or van. This option is cheaper but will surely take you more time. How much better the boxes are checked (to which room are) easier and faster will be everything. Remember that you you must be you, or a handyman friend, who makes you the disassembly and Assembly of furniture.

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