Things You Must Know Before Buying a Condo

Currently, many people choose to buy a condominium in a tower as a solution to their housing needs.

However, some people buy it without taking into consideration important aspects such as neighbors who they are or what are the policies on children and pets.

The first thing that must be done before buying an apartment in a tower is to review the regulation of the condominium because in it you are to put the rules of the game.

In the regulation is defined where if you can have pets as well as the type that can have, what is the timetable of activities.

If it is a family that likes to do parties or who have children that make much scandal or teenagers who listen to music with high sound they will appreciate it because there is such restrictions.

Also points out that it is important to assess the extras offered by the Tower, such as gym, TV lounge, terrace and even wineries, as well as the parking lots where should be considered if it is low ceiling, to the open air or underground.

Another important aspect that should be analyzed before buying one of these buildings is who is in charge of the administration.

In a vertical condominium always lifts require a preventive maintenance, also what are the facades and the maintenance of corridors and common areas in this regard the Administration is important so that the building does not depreciate, it is important to assess who’s going to be that company or persons in charge of the administration.

That also it should be viewed within the monthly fee that you have to pay for mortgage financing, maintenance fee, which is usually calculated based on the amount of square meters of each condominium.

There are condominiums in a bedroom that can measure 45-60 square meters, there are condos with two bedrooms measuring 80-100 square meters and there are three measuring more than 100, then more square meters, most have to pay maintenance fee.

Also it should be considered residents, there are buildings that are designed for older adults, as well as there are others with more familiar environments, common areas, children and pets.

When there are pets always they can generate and disorder that disturb people, as it may be more like people are looking for that because they also have animals.

There are other details as the size of the furniture, therefore always condominiums have freight elevators, however, some furniture that do not fall within them.

If you have very large furniture, bedding, a very large table game may be having difficulty to access them, so it’s always important before you can define whether to buy a condominium to realize how to upload your own furniture.

As detail to consider, some condominiums have internet and cable with a specific company, so you should analyze if that helps you or is a company to your liking or not.

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