Top 10 Tips for Landlords

A compelling real estate listing work, saves you but time and effort in contact with prospective customers. With these marketing tips, you speak to the tenants, you want.

Only in a few urban areas, rental real estate are coveted. If many apartments are offered in your area, an informative advertisement due to our marketing tips is the key to the successful rental.

The audience: What renters imagine? You should talk to this group – such as young families and well-off singles – in the text. Bring arguments that is attractive to your object for the target group.

Important corner data: tenants are interested in information such as location, size and number of rooms, the exact rental, operation and costs, and the possible moving-in date. Type living area, utility area and the size of the rooms. Get tips and help in our exposé of the pattern.

Don’t forget the details: the more accurate is the description, feels the better addressed the addressee. Information about the facilities, about kitchen, flooring, underfloor heating and bathroom, give a clear picture.

Photos are crucial: the least potential tenants at all look at a listing without photos. Show meaningful images from the House and from all rooms. Everything must be well lit, clean and tidy.

A ground plan impresses: in many advertisements, the floor plan – missing annoying for those interested. Give them the opportunity to look at the floor plan and set up the apartment in thoughts.

Energy efficiency and comfort: Make sure more and more prospective customers. Calculating heating costs realistic and describe thermal insulation, Windows, and age of the heating system.

Features list: If pets are allowed, this should be clear in the listing. Special features such as a barrier-free facilities or a janitor on the spot be interested in future tenants.

What belongs to the apartment: enumerate all adjoining rooms and facilities such as basement, drying room, parking, or community garden.

The environment is one: which character has the quarter? Shopping, doctor’s offices, schools, kindergartens, connection to public transport and close to green areas are interesting.

Specify contact information: In the online advertisement, it is sufficient to provide name and email address. When you publish your phone number, you make it easier for interested parties to contact. But you must expect many calls.

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